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Why set up a Giving Fund?

As a public ancillary fund, the Community Impact Foundation delivers the advantages of alternative philanthropic structures while reducing associated administrative and cost burdens. The key advantages of a Giving Fund with the Community Impact Foundation include:

  • The minimum of $50,000 to establish a Giving Fund is substantially less than required to establish other philanthropic structures.

  • It costs nothing to establish your Giving Fund and the only ongoing fee is 1.025% per annum (including GST) of funds under management. This fee covers all aspects of administration, compliance, investment management and audit costs.

  • Your Giving Fund is simpler, less time consuming and more cost effective to establish and participate in than other philanthropic structures. The trustee handles the administration, investment and legal compliance - freeing up donors to solely focus on grant making.

  • While Giving Fund operate separately within the foundation, individual funds are pooled together, benefiting from being part of a larger investment vehicle

  • You can name your Giving Fund and be identified with it as your vehicle for your charitable giving, or you can choose to be anonymous.

  • You and your family can be involved in the grant making decisions of your Giving Fund.

  • Your Giving Fund, and its legacy, can continue long after you have passed away. 

  • The corpus of your Giving Fund is invested using ethical and impact investment strategies, to complement and extend the good work of your giving.

Click the below image to view an impact analysis of the grants paid out from the Foundation since inception

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