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The Next Economy

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Transitioning Australia Program

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Contact Name: Dr Amanda Cahill


Address: 76 Taunton St, Annerley, Q. 4103

Phone Number: 0413 031 170


Overview of Organisation:

The Next Economy works with communities struggling with economic change to find solutions that are good for people and planet. The majority of our work involves supporting community, government, business and union leaders across Australia to explore the economic opportunities in transitioning to zero emissions. Through community forums, government roundtables, planning workshops, research reports and providing direct policy advice, TNE strengthens the willingness and capacity of leaders to explore the range of jobs and industries associated with reducing and absorbing carbon emissions across all sectors.

Describe the project that requires funding:

Over the next 12 months, The Next Economy will conduct a series of activities to support at least 6 (but most likely 8) regional communities across Australia (Central and Northern Queensland, The Hunter Valley, South Australia and potentially Western Australia) to understand and embrace the energy transition. These activities will take on three formats:

  1. Region-to-Region Roadshows, where leaders from regions that are more advanced in managing the transition (e.g.: The Latrobe Valley, Port Augusta, Hunter Valley) will visit other parts of Australia to share their experiences in public forums and present on what regional communities can do to proactively manage the transition;

  2. Leadership Roundtables - invitation-only discussions with leaders from across government, industry, unions, community and environment groups to identify what needs to happen in their region to manage the energy transition; and

  3. Transition Planning Workshops - training workshops for local and state government officials, industry representatives, economic development officers, unions and community leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the different aspects of transition and the steps they can take to manage it in a way that creates regional economic benefits for communities and workers.

The Next Economy is seeking support to develop the materials and the team needed to deliver this program of work across Australia. This includes funding for two main pieces of work:

1. Developing a suite of training materials on the economic transition, including:

  • A well designed manual that can be available online and in hard copy

  • A pack of well documented training activities, presentation templates and case studies for use in workshops and also online

  • A dedicated page on the TNE website to store training materials and case studies

  • Online systems to support webinars and other training and mentoring activities

2. Developing the Transitioning Australia Group: We have brought together leaders from regions that are further along with managing the transition to form the Transitioning Australia Group. So far, this group includes Lisa Lumsden (Port Augusta), Ron Ipsen, Wendy Farmer and Dan Musil (Latrobe Valley), and Julie Lyford and Jarra Hicks (Hunter Valley). The Transitioning Australia Group will work to:

  • Expand the capacity of The Next Economy to respond to requests for economic transition training and planning support;

  • Counter misinformation about the energy transition that has left many feeling that there is no option but to stay with what they know (ie: the fossil fuel economy); and

  • Disrupt the polarisation that is growing across society as well as the suspicion of ‘outsiders’ and ‘experts’ that has led to many people simply disengaging from discussions about climate change and the energy transition.

We are seeking support to bring this group together to develop their skills in public speaking, training and facilitation, as well as to employ a part-time coordinator to support the development of the group and manage event logistics.

Please describe any collaboration you have had with other organisations in relation to this project:

We work with a range of other organisations to deliver regional presentations and workshops. Over the last 18 months this has included partnering with Beyond Zero Emissions, Farmers for Climate Action, Lock the Gate, the Australian Conservation Council, Community Power Agency, Voices of the Valley and IEEFA. In addition to continuing to work with these groups next year, we will also be partnering with some government and industry organisations including Stanwell Energy (in South-East Queensland) and the Department of Small Business, Enterprise and Training (for activities in four regions across Central and Northern Queensland).

Funds requested from Pool of Dreams sub-fund:

While the total project cost is $83,000, The Next Economy is requesting $40,000 from the Pool of Dreams sub-fund.

Other sources of funding:

The Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network has already committed $43,000 to this project.

When would this project be expected to start?

November 2019

When would you anticipate this project will be completed?

November 2020

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