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Acts of Resilience

Contact Name Jude Anderson Email hq@punctum.com.au Address 1 Halford St Phone Number 0439 319 307

Charity website www.punctum.com.au DGR Registration Link https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=47101325236 ACNC Page Link https://www.acnc.gov.au/charity/06e0c4430829528589bd8c859668952b#overview

Please provide a brief, two sentence overview of the project that requires funding.

ACTS OF RESILIENCE encompasses two arts projects developed concurrently over the forthcoming 12 months in collaboration with scientific and cultural researchers. The first project focuses on environmental systems resilience and the second project focuses on bio/cultural resilience.

Overview of Organisation Founded in 2004, Punctum is a small, artist-led live arts organisation on Dja Dja Wurrung country and based in Castlemaine, Australia. We create programs which give arts experimentation and community engagement a central place in regional culture. Our works are grown regionally and are presented locally, nationally and internationally.

We are considered a leading organisation for arts enquiry, and examine the relationship between artist, audiences and location through live arts productions and residencies. Since 2018, our program of new works and residencies has focused on how art can engender resilience in contexts of crisis – most particularly in our climate crisis setting. We work in collaboration with artists, audiences, institutions, organisations, businesses, research professionals and local experts from many fields.

We are small in scale and big in commitment. In seeking to advance regionally based contemporary performance practice through public experiments and presentations, we look to celebrate locations and their people, and to foster unique approaches to live performance making and audience engagement.

Artists associated with us push boundaries and open the way for audience collaboration and participation. Our installations and performances encourage enquiry, action and reflection and are inclusive. We draw on local and expert knowledge, systems, sites and civic concerns, working in close proximity with researchers and residents. Our program gathers people together to collectively reinterpret their present, reconsider their past, and re-imagine their future.

Our program consists of:

New works - Punctum's in-house multi-year commissioned, curated and created works. We've created and produced seventy-one works since 2004.

Residencies - Seedpod: a development residency program we've hosted and mentored over four hundred artists since 2008.

In 2011 Punctum was acknowledged as a cultural leader in live arts through the Australia Council’s Cultural Leadership initiative. In 2012 we were cited in Regional Arts Victoria’s Key Producer document as being one of two regionally based Victorian “icon” arts organisations. We were the sole Australian arts organisation commissioned for the international program in MONS2015 - European Cultural Capital - Belgium, and in 2017 the sole regionally based organisation commissioned for the inaugural AsiaTOPA program for Big Walk to Golden Mountain which we created in collaboration with Chinese community members in our region. In 2018, we were one of nine organisations selected by Creative Victoria for their ‘Future Makers For Change’ program for which we created the Kultur-All Makaan in collaboration with South Sudanese, Hazara and Karen refugee artists and artisans in central Victoria.

We have undertaken over 15 live arts investigations and creations of ambitious scale, which have given rise to many works. Through these investigations and creations, Punctum has gathered a considerable body of knowledge and experience and we’ve established strong and productive long-term relationships with partners ranging locally from Bendigo Venues and Events, Latrobe Arts Institute, to Loddon Campaspe Multi Cultural Services, and at State level from the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria to Arts House, the Substation, Abbotsford Convent, and Regional Arts Victoria, to more international partners such as La Masion Folie, Mons, in Belgium – European Cultural Capital 2015, and IETM – International and European Network for New Performance, along with a rolling roster of Punctum artist alumni.

In 2017, Punctum was awarded two industry Green Room Awards in the Experimental and Contemporary Performance Category for Production Excellence, and Innovation in Audience Participation; in 2019 Punctum was nominated in the same Green Room Award category for Curatorial Innovation and presented at the Prague Design Quadrennial. The same year, Punctum’s Founder and Artistic Director – Jude Anderson was awarded the Green Room Geoffrey Milne Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Experimental and Contemporary Performance.

Describe the project that requires funding:

ACTS OF RESILIENCE - Project 1: The Way-the Water-the Walk The Way-the Water-the Walk focuses on understanding environmental systems resilience. It will be presented in a unique global context to connect those at the forefront of sustainability science, innovation, resourcing, communications across sectors and disciplines. The congress known as SRI2020 (Sustainability, Research, Innovation 2020) will take place in June 2021 having been postponed from June 2020 due to the COVID19 virus. It is the first in a congress series that will be home for sustainability, knowledge and practice around the world. Punctum has been selected by the Executive panel to develop a full-length session on river poetics and a participatory installation/performance that speaks to the Murray Darling River System, the recent Royal Commission Report on the Murray Darling Basin, and our water future. ‘the Way-the Water-the Walk’ draws from the water future manifesto Punctum created at Tipping Point’s ‘Water Futures’ 2017 symposium and our follow-on international residency fellowship at Bundanon Farm in NSW. Development for the installation/performance work and testing will take place in central Victoria where we will test both live performance and on-line participatory aspects to ensure the work connects locally as well as globally. The full-length session on river poetics will be further developed following its first trialling in the 2019 Philippines ‘Tropical Performances’ Pagtitipon in Manila. It will inform the installation soundscape. Five artists and a leading systems scientist – Emeritus Professor Dr Nordin Hasan, will collaborate on the project.

ACTS OF RESILIENCE - Project 2: Maloya Moshpit

Maloya Moshpit focuses on understanding cultural resilience.

The Maloya is a 300-year old Reunion Island performance colliding Malagasy, African and Tamil performance cultures, which has traversed histories of slavery, oppression and censorship, building long term social robustness and recovery. In collaboration with the Substation and Australia based Maloya performance form expert and choreographer Muriel Hillion Toulcanon, microbiologist Dr Jacques Soddell and Dr Nordin Hasan, Punctum will undertake a period of development towards public presentations of the Maloya ‘mosh pit for resilience’. Together with five associated artists we will combine biological factors determining cellular and systems resilience with: • Maloya performance principles. • frameworks and aesthetics of adaptive systems with biologists and mosh pit aficionados. • sonic and video propositions. • design framework development.

Please describe any collaboration you have had with other organisations in relation to this project: The partners with whom we are collaborating for the development and delivery of both our projects. share our vision for adventure and enquiry and have practices that ensure arts can play a significant role in fostering a more sustainable world.


For the Way-the Water-the Walk, our collaborating partner is Future Earth Australia. Future Earth is the Head Convening partner for SRI2020/21 and member of the global Future Earth network that advises the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is a national peak body enabling Australian researchers, governments, industry, and NGO’s to collaborate with each other and international networks and programs. (see letter of confirmation attached).


For Maloya Moshpit our collaborating partner is the Substation. The Substation is a not-for-profit multi arts centre located in a 100-year-old repurposed, industrial building. It presents an annual curated program of creative development, residencies and presentation. Engaging with artists from across artistic disciplines, working in non-traditional modes and across art-forms, the Substation provides the opportunity for artists and audiences to connect with its unique space, the distinctive location of Newport and its region where a significant number of African, Malagasy and Tamil cultural descendants reside. The Substation fosters a culture of interconnectedness, collaboration and independence, and values new ideas, imagination and difference. It will provide us with a large venue and technical support over the first development period and public presentations of the Maloya Moshpit.

Funds requested from Pool of Dreams sub-fund: $45,000

Other sources of funding Punctum (Creative Victoria Operations Support) - $21,191.00

Australia Council - $52,300.00

The Substation - $10,000.00

Future Earth Australia - $2,000.00

TOTAL - $85,491.00

When would this project be expected to start? August 2020

When would you anticipate this project to be completed? August 2021

Please click here for further information.

Extra Support Material where relevant

Attachment 1 is a series letters of confirmation, support and recommendation supplied by partners and participants which informed our Australia Council application for a broader program called DEVIATIONS but which includes the two projects of ACTS OF RESILIENCE.

This broader program extends to include an integrated, collaborative approach to creating through a bold year long series of residencies (Weird Sancturies) focussing on researching and creating poetic ‘entangled’ systems of resilience in collaboration with researchers called.

Attachment 2 is a budget pdf providing some further budgetary detail. The areas highlighted (Artist Fees and Lead Artists) are the two budget lines that would benefit from possible funding from the Claire Brunner Pool of Dreams Giving Circle.

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